Free 30 Day Savings Challenge Printable

A daily challenge to kick start your emergency fund with just $5 a day! This free 30 day savings challenge printable will help you start saving money and build good savings habits!

30 Day Savings Challenge Printable

Did you know that $5 a day adds up to nearly $2000 over the course of a year?

It’s easy to justify the run through the drive through at lunch or the cup of fancy coffee on the way to work.

I know I’m guilty. I tell myself, it’s just $5, I deserve it. I had a rough morning and deserve a little treat. But that $5 a day adds up quicker than we want to admit.

Build good habits with daily savings

Completing the 30 day savings challenge will help you build that positive mindset—you can save money! And I’ve included some free days in there, because, sometimes we DO deserve a treat!

Start saving money with just $5 a day

Building savings may be a new habit for you, and take time to get used to. By keeping this challenge at just $5 a day, you should be able to keep up and stay motivated!

How to use the 30 Day Savings Challenge printable

This printable will help you keep track of your progress on saving $5 a day.

Each day, you’ll color in (or mark off) a square for the $5 you saved that day. There’s also several free days built in so you can take weekends off or have some flexibility when you have a day you don’t manage to save.

You’ll want to make sure you have a jar ready to put your $5 each day. Or, if you having a savings account already, you can transfer it directly!

There’s no dates so you can start this 30 day challenge at any time! At the end of 30 days, you’ll have your first $100 saved and practiced great savings habits!

Download the 30 Day Savings Challenge PDF

30 Day Savings Challenge Printable

The 30 Day Savings Challenge is a PDF file and Adobe Reader is required to access and open the file. It is free to download.

Printed colors may vary from computer monitor colors. Want to save on color ink? Just print in black and white!

Click here to download the 30 Day Savings Challenge Printable

Please note: This printable is for your personal use only and not to be distributed, edited or copied.

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