Printable Address Change Checklist

Moving to a new house? The complete list of where to update your address when you move and a free printable address change checklist to keep track!

Who to notify when you move

Moving is stressful. You have to get packed, coordinate a moving company (or friends and a truck), and get everything set up and ready to go in your new home. The to-do list when moving seems never ending!

I’ve moved a dozen times in the past 20 years, and five of those moves were cross-country moves. I know firsthand how crazy moving time can be-even moving just a couple miles away is chaotic!

Changing your address is just one of the many items on your to-do list, but there’s so many places you need to notify, it can be easy to miss a few. I’ve compiled the most common places and created a handy checklist for you to track where you’ve updated your address.

Free Printable Address Change Checklist-The complete list of who to notify of your move!

When to update your address during a move

Update before your move: Post office and any utilities that need to be cancelled/started for the new address.

Update after your move: Everywhere else on your list to update your address can be notified once you are actually in your new home.

Government agencies to notify of your new address

  • Post office-Complete your address change before you move since it will take a week or so for your mail to catch up to you. The form can be completed online for a $1 verification fee or pick up a Mover’s Guide at your local post office.
  • IRS-Complete form 8822 to make sure you get any tax related correspondence to your new address.
  • Driver’s License-Depending on your state and type of license, you may be able to update your address online.
  • Vehicle Registration-Update for all vehicles, motorcycles, boats, etc. so you don’t miss the yearly registration notice.
  • Voter Registration-This is typically done at the DMV when you update your Driver’s License. Be sure to take note of any new polling place.
  • Social Security-If you receive Social Security or Medicare, update your address through your online account, or call/visit your local office.

Financial Services to notify of your move

  • Bank/Credit Union-Let your bank know as soon as you move so you don’t have any troubles using your debit card in a new place.
  • Credit cards-Update your billing address.
  • Loans– Notify any other creditors such as your car loans, student loans, and installment loans.
  • Investment accounts-If you have stocks, brokerage accounts, or any other type of investments, update the address so you’ll get any year-end tax notices.
  • 401k/Pension-For retirement accounts offered through your employer, your HR department should be able to get this updated for you. You’ll want to reach out to any retirement accounts for past employers to get them your new address.

Work and School Updates

  • HR/Payroll-Notify your Human Resources department and Payroll department. You may need to update tax forms with your employer too.
  • Licensing Boards-If you hold any professional licenses or certifications, they’ll need your new address.
  • 401k/retirement-When you notify your HR department, they may take care of your retirement accounts or you may have to update it yourself.
  • Financial Aid-If you are in college, make sure to notify your financial aid office.
  • Student Loans-Update your address so you don’t miss any statements or tax forms.
  • Other-Kid’s school, daycare, professional organizations, PTA groups.

Update utility providers for the old and new address

You’ll need to coordinate to stop and start service for any address specific utilities.

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Trash/Recycling
  • Cable/Satellite
  • Internet (if not included in your cable bill)
  • Telephone (landline)
  • Cell Phone

Notify insurance companies

  • Medical/Dental-Your HR department should be able to update this in their records.
  • Life Insurance-Also update any beneficiary addresses if necessary.
  • Homeowner’s/Renter’s-You’ll want to get a quote for the new house before you move so coverage will begin the first day you are there.
  • Car Insurance-You may need to provide additional information about the new address when you move and your premium could change.

Service providers to update

  • Doctor-Notify your family doctor, pediatrician, and any other specialty providers (therapist, OB/GYN, eye doctor, etc).
  • Dentist
  • Pharmacy
  • Vet-You may also need to get updated vaccines for your local area and need to notify the local licensing bureaus.
  • Other– Lawyer, landscaper, house cleaner, dog walker


  • Warehouse Clubs-Update your address with Costco, Sam’s Club, or any other local warehouse clubs you are a member of.
  • AAA
  • Magazines
  • Gym-Or cancel/transfer the membership to a new gym if you are moving out of the area.
  • Subscription boxes-Make sure you update the shipping address so you don’t miss your monthly delivery.

Online Services

  • Amazon-Get the new home address updated so you don’t accidentally ship an order to your old address.
  • Pizza delivery-Update an websites/apps you order from with the new address.
  • Video streaming-Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Amazon Video.
  • Shopping sites-If you have any other stores you shop online through, get your address updated on your account.

Other places to notify of the address change

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Groups/clubs

Free Printable Address Change Checklist

Free Printable Address Change Checklist-The complete list of who to notify of your move!

Easily keep track of everywhere you need to update your address with this printable checklist.

The most common places to notify are already listed on the checklist for you. There’s also plenty of blank spaces for you to customize and add who you need to update your address with!

Download the Address Change Checklist PDF

The Address Change Checklist is a PDF file and Adobe Reader is required to access and open the file. It is free to download.

Printed colors may vary from computer monitor colors. Want to save on color ink? Just print in black and white!

Click here to download the Address Change Checklist

Please note: This printable is for your personal use only and not to be distributed, edited or copied.

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