Welcome to Simply Unscripted, where your financial journey takes center stage. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by budgeting, burdened by debt, or puzzled by personal finance, you’re not alone. I understand these struggles.

Budgeting can feel like wrestling an unruly beast, tracking expenses like deciphering a foreign language, and striking a balance between financial goals and fun expenses might seem impossible. It’s completely natural to feel frustrated or even a little embarrassed when your financial reality doesn’t match your expectations.

But here’s the good news: personal finance isn’t a rigid set of rules. It’s more like a toolkit, and you get to decide which tools work best for you. Whether your focus is on building savings, conquering credit card debt, or simply achieving more financial flexibility, it’s all valid.

My mission is to be your trusted companion on this financial journey, providing guidance and support to help you regain control of your finances and boost your confidence in your financial choices.


Allow me to introduce myself—I’m Kristi! With a background in finance and a passion for all things money-related, I started Simply Unscripted in 2017 driven by a desire to share the tips, tricks, and resources I’ve gathered along the way. Whether you’re aiming to boost your savings, tackle credit card debt, or create a budget that works for you, I’m here to help. Let’s navigate this financial adventure together, one step at a time. You can learn more about my own financial journey in the About Me section.


Here are some essential starting points to help you navigate your financial journey:

Build a Better Budget: Discover a budgeting style that suits you, explore various budgeting methods, uncover tips to simplify your budgeting process, and access useful budgeting tools. Learn more about budgeting

Budget Binder: Dive into our Budget Binder, featuring over 100 pages of printables and templates designed to help you organize your financial life. You can use these printables to start saving money, track your monthly budget, and make strides in paying off debt. Learn more about the Budget Binder

Get Out of Debt: Explore different debt strategies and access worksheets and guides that will support your journey toward becoming debt-free. Learn more about getting out of debt

Save Money: Whether you’re building an emergency fund or aiming to increase your bottom line, we offer frugal living tips, savings strategies, and motivating printables to keep you on track. Learn more about saving money

Your financial journey begins here. Let’s embark on it together, one step at a time.