You’re overwhelmed.

  • No matter how hard you try, your budget never seems to work out right.
  • Tracking expenses and keeping a budget seems too complicated to keep up with.

You’re discouraged.

  • There’s no room in the budget for anything fun. Which makes the whole thing seem pointless.
  • Big expenses always crop up and eat up all your savings.
  • The balance on your debts never seems to get any smaller.

You’re ashamed.

  • It’s easy to justify spending extra money even though you know you should save it.
  • Your take home income should be more than enough to pay debt, except it isn’t.

It’s time for a new approach.

Personal finance isn’t one size fits all. 

We each have our own financial priorities and need to choose the path that works for us.

Maybe you want to focus on building your savings. Maybe you want to focus on your credit card debt. Maybe you want to leave room in your budget for the fun stuff.

The best part? These are all great priorities!

I believe that YOU make the rules for managing your money.

What others are saying…

Thank you so much! I feel better seeing exactly what I need to pay and where I can save.
~ Christina
I LOVE your budget binder! It’s helping us be way more accountable with our money already!!!
~ Cas


  • Having the flexibility to spend money on the things you enjoy.
  • Feeling confident that you are making progress towards your financial goals.
  • Not stressing about whether you are “doing it right” because you’re doing it your way.

When you become a member of the Simply Unscripted community, you’ll gain the flexibility to focus on YOUR financial priorities.

Meet Kristina

When I became a single mom, I was overwhelmed by my new financial situation.

I was trying to balance keeping up with monthly bills while rebuilding my savings and reducing my debt. I felt alienated from everyone because I had no flexibility in my budget for anything fun.

I tried what different personal finance gurus recommended but couldn’t ever stick with any method long term. Nothing felt like the right fit.

Eventually, I customized the methods I learned into a money management system that allows me the flexibility to balance my wants with my financial goals.

Now I only spend a few minutes reviewing my budget monthly. I have paid off over $15,000 of debt.  And I still have room in the budget for what’s most important to me: being able to travel any chance I can. Learn more about me here.

Ready to get started?

Reader’s Favorite Resources:

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  • Defeat Debt Workbook– Struggling with creating a plan to get out of debt? My Defeat Debt workbook is designed to guide you step-by-step through developing your plan of attack against your debt.
  • 100 Frugal Tips For Beginners – The ULTIMATE GUIDE to saving money for beginners! These 100 simple frugal living tips and ideas will teach you how to save money on everything – including groceries, car expenses, entertainment, utilities, and more!
  • How To Make A Meal Plan – New to meal planning? Learn how to meal plan with this step-by-step guide! These easy tips that are perfect for beginners and will walk you through creating a menu for the week. Meal planning is a simple way for busy families to save money!


Feel free to email me if you have any questions. You can also find me on Pinterest or Facebook for even more tips, resources, and inspiration!